Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to call to schedule my oil deliveries?
A. No! With Deblois Oil® your heating oil deliveries will be automatic. We use computer generated scheduling to monitor and time your deliveries based on your oil usage, so you won’t run out of oil.

Q. Do you offer a service plan?
A. Yes. We have a great service plan to cover your heating oil equipment and comfort needs available — but only if you want one! If you do, just let us know.

Q. How can I pay for my oil?
A. You can pay us a number of ways! We accept most major credit cards and can also invoice you. You choose your payment method and always pay, your way!

Q. Where does heating oil come from?
A. There are over 36 oil-producing countries and the U.S. is not overly dependent on any one region for supply. However, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia are some of the United States’ major suppliers. 85% of our heating oil is refined in the United States, at 149 refineries in 31 states. When it comes to heating oil supplies, there is no need to worry about running out of oil! New deposits are being discovered every year, all over the world and new oil heat innovations including Biofuels — oil from tar sands, and shale oil — may even extend available oil sources well into the next century.

Q. Is oil heat good for the environment?
A. Absolutely! Modern, highly efficient oil heating systems burn so cleanly their emissions aren’t regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act. With technological improvements in burner efficiency and overall system combustion efficiency, residential oil burner soot emissions are now at near-zero levels.

Q. Is oil heat as safe as they say it is?
A. Oil heat’s safety record is hard to beat because fuel oil is not explosive and, unlike gas, inhalation of fuel-oil fumes is not fatal. What’s more, if you have a system malfunction, an oil heating system will give you tell-tale signs such as smoke, odors or even soot before releasing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Gas heating systems, on the other hand, give you no warning of carbon monoxide production or release.

Q. When is it time to upgrade to a new heating system?
A. Studies show that older oil heat equipment is not as effective as more energy- efficient modern units – systems installed before 1980 could be burning up to 30% more fuel than necessary and eating into your annual energy costs! New oil equipment has higher average fuel utilization efficiencies and burns much cleaner. You can lookout for these tell-tale signs to check if your current system needs to be upgraded:

– Uneven heating throughout your home
– Time lag between turning the heat on and actually feeling it
– More frequent breakdowns and service calls
– Rising energy bills even when you turn the temperature down
– Signs of smoke or soot

With a new heating system, you could earn the money you spent on the equipment and installation back in less than 3 years. Ask your Deblois Oil representative to perform an analysis to see what is best for your home comfort and heating system.

Q. Why are oil prices so volatile?
A. There are many reasons for oil price volatility, which are beyond our control, including increased demand, especially in developing countries like China and India; international concerns; and a devalued dollar. Oil prices have also been higher due to unregulated trading, which the government is trying to curtail.

Q. In severe winter weather is there anything I need to do to ensure that my oil deliveries are maintained?
A. Yes. Heavy, piled high snow and packed ice make it challenging to access your home for deliveries. You can help by clearing any snow and ice from areas leading to and around your fill pipe. This will help clear paths for us and may help other public utilities companies or public safety officials respond to emergencies. Please also be mindful of uncovering exhaust vents from heating systems. Vents on the sides of homes can easily become blocked by high snow, could even result in heating system malfunctions, carbon monoxide getting into the home and create a safety hazard. Please make sure that your exhaust vents are clear of all obstructions.

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